Katrina TaTae Fitness Printable Hot Fire Stairmaster Workout

Use This Hot Fire Stairmaster Workout to Torch Those Extra Holiday Calories

May all that holiday pie go straight to my booty 🙏🏼

I love hitting the stairs the day after a big holiday meal. And, this Hotfire Stairmaster workout will def kick your cute booty babes!

I’ve been using the Stairmaster consistently for about two years now and man has it helped shape my lower body! The first time I climbed on this thing, though, I was a little intimidated. The fear of missing a step, tripping or falling on the Stairmaster is just that – False Evidence Appearing Real.

This Stairmaster Workout will get your heart rate up in a hurry! Plus, your getting an extra lower body workout when you drive your steps through your heels and SQUEEZE that booty! 🍑

If you aren’t able to get to a Stairmaster, no worries! Go to your local public stadium, or apartment building…keep you eyes peeled for a good set of stairs the next time you are running errands.

My tips to Nail Your Next Stairmaster Workout

  • Ask a trainer to show you if you’ve never been on one before.
  • Lightly hold onto the rails of the Stairmaster.
  • Stand tall! It is really easy to hunch over on this machine, but you will get a better workout and keep the oxygen flowing freely if you stand up straight.
  • Have a water bottle handy.
  • Listen to your body. If this is your first Stairmaster workout, you might be surprised how winded you get. I sure was!
  • Have a great playlist ready to go. Check out some of my fav tunes to workout to HERE.

Now, let’s get to stepping!

Katrina TaTae Fitness Printable Hot Fire Stairmaster Workout

Because every machine and every body is different, I used a scale for you to gauge your workout intensity. Work up to 2 full rounds of this challenging workout!

Hot Fire Stairmaster Workout


Katrina TaTae Fitness Printable Hot Fire Stairmaster Workout


#KTFBabes know how to fuel those booty gains after a good Stairmaster workout! Try a post-workout smoothie, like this one HERE!