Disc Moves for Sexy Legs

Sculpt and shape your legs with these moves. And, slide. And, slide. And, slide!

I’ve had these discs for several years now.  One side is plastic, and the other has a more course texture.  You can slide these discs on any surface!  If you don’t have discs, you can certainly use a towel or paper plate.

I love to add these moves into my lower body workouts.  They help me really build that mind-muscle connection.

The moves you can do with these discs are endless!  Share your fav disc moves in the comments below!

Single Leg Reverse Lunge
works the glutes, adductors (inner thigh), quadriceps

Anchor the non-disced foot and shift your weight onto it. Slide with the other leg.  Slide one foot straight back and slowly bend the front knee, making sure not to go over your toes.  Your center of gravity will move back as you lower down. On the way down, think about STRETCHING the front leg’s glute.  On the way back up, think about a strong anchor leg, and digging in your anchor heel. Then, as you pull the sliding leg back, SQUEEZE that front glute back to the starting position.

Weight is evenly distributed and my upper body is still.

The disc should move smoothly back and forward.

Try 10-20 on each leg.  Repeat 3x.

Single Leg Lateral Lunge
works the glutes, adductors (inner thigh), quadriceps

Similar to the Single Leg Reverse Lunge, anchor one leg and slide with the other.  Slide one foot straight out to the side.  Picture that anchor leg’s glute STRETCHING as you lower down.  Knee should not go past the toes.  Also, don’t let your knee move in – keep the anchor knee pressed out.  Weight should be in your heels.  As you come back up, SQUEEZE that anchor leg glute and dig in with your heels to pull your sliding leg back up to the starting position.

As you lower, sit back like you were going to sit back in a chair (you may want to put one behind you to help give you the cue).

The disc should move smoothly out and in.

Try 10-20 on each leg.  Repeat 3x.

Single Leg Inverted Hamstring Curl
works hamstrings and glutes

Lie on your back on rest one foot onto a bench.  Place the other foot on your disc with your knee bent.  Lift up your hips and push your elevated heel into the bench.  Now, slide your bottom heel as close to you as possible.  SQUEEZE the back of your leg.  Slide away from you and relax your leg.  Slide back in and SQUEEZE.  Stay lifted the entire time.  The only thing moving should be your bottom leg.

Try 10-15 on each leg.  Repeat 3x.

I hope these cues help make your next workout an awesome one!  Here’s to nicely sculpted booty and legs!!