Use This Hot Fire Stairmaster Workout to Torch Those Extra Holiday Calories thumbnail

Use This Hot Fire Stairmaster Workout to Torch Those Extra Holiday Calories

May all that holiday pie go straight to my booty 🙏🏼


Sweat It Out With This Thanksgiving Day HIIT Workout thumbnail

Sweat It Out With This Thanksgiving Day HIIT Workout

Get to sweating before the turkey’s a-baking!


Travel Friendly Workout Ideas thumbnail

Travel Friendly Workout Ideas

Stay on track, even when you are away from home!


Disc Moves for Sexy Legs thumbnail

Disc Moves for Sexy Legs

Sculpt and shape your legs with these moves. And, slide. And, slide. And, slide!


My Stretching Routine thumbnail

My Stretching Routine

S-T-R-E-T-C-H those muscles – you worked hard girl!


Ladder Drill HIIT Workout

My ladder drill HIIT workout as featured on is such a great switch up to normal cardio.  In the article, I share how I use the ladder drill to keep up my conditioning throughout the year by sharing an actual workout that I personally do once a week. You can find the ladder that [...]


Top Squat Variations

Here are some of my favorite squat variations.  Don’t see your favorite?? Share it with me down below! 1. Barbell Back Squat 2. Front Squat 3. Split Squat 4. Bulgarian Split Squat 5. Goblet Squat 6. Prisoner Squat 7. Zercher Squat 8. Sissy Squat 9. Narrow Stance Squat w/ Dumbbell 10. Sumo Squat 11. Single [...]


The Most Misused Machine In The Gym

I’m guilty of misusing this machine when I first started lifting too! The hip extension/back extension machine is now one of my favorite tools to build that booty. But, most people use this as a back exercise, specifically to target their lower back. I talk about why that might be doing more harm than good. [...]


The Many Ways to Use A Resistance Band

I have compiled some great moves for you using only a resistance band! I love how versatile these bands are – plus, they are great for travel. Have you tried any of these before?? Do you have a creative way that you use bands?? Let me know in the comments section! XOXO Katrina


My Top 5 Ride or Die Booty Building Exercises

Yep.  We’re going there today. The booty, glutes, butt, tush, moneymaker…whatever you want to refer to the most powerful muscle in the body is cool with me. I’ve tried dozens of glute-focused exercises, in many different variations, and these are what I believe to be the best glute-shaping exercises you can do to build that [...]


My Go To Treadmill Circuit

I can’t think of anything that I loathe more than running. Cardio has always been a struggle for me to get motivated to do. I’ve tried a lot of things and found that I gravitate more towards fast-paced, quickly changing workouts vs long, endurance-focused work. This is why I always encourage my clients to experiment [...]