The Fitness Mottos I Live By

How we talk to ourselves is so powerful!  Our words have great impact, even the ones we don’t say aloud!

I have developed a few fitness mottos that I live by to help me stay on track.

I repeat these any time I feel frustrated, tempted, or defeated.  Yes, I do feel all of these things too!  I hope these can help you too.

I Will Feel Better Once I Am There

Surprise!  I don’t feel like going to the gym all the time.  However, I know once I get there, I will feel motivated to put in the work.  The more I practice this intention, the more it is validated.  After I finish a workout that I may have otherwise skipped out on, I tell myself, “See, I told you so!.”  That affirmation reinforces the motto and gives it more power for the next time I feel like taking the day off.  Because it will definitely happen again!

Will This Help Me Reach My Goals?

I ask this question whenever I am struggling with options.  If I am working towards a certain goal, will this decision I am debating help me or hurt me?  The answer to this question always helps me make a good decision if I choose to listen.


If you caught my recent IG story, you know I say this to myself a lot at the gym – especially on the StairMaster, that devil of a machine!

I repeat this phrase when I am pushing my last reps, when I am hesitant to go heavier in a lift, or if I am trying a new exercise or move.  As I reaffirm to myself this declaration, I begin to feel more confident and capable.  I remember all the times I was stronger than I thought, and it helps me reach new levels that I didn’t think were possible just a few minutes before.

Instead of saying, “I don’t know if I can do that. I don’t think I can lift that.  I’m not that coordinated for that move,” I say, “I am strong.  I am capable.  This is easy.”

I encourage you to try these and share this with someone struggling to make a healthy lifestyle stick.  Be the reason someone succeeds!