Ouch!! Injury Got You Down? I Got You! thumbnail

Ouch!! Injury Got You Down? I Got You!

Oh no! Injured? Don’t worry, I got you!


Disc Moves for Sexy Legs thumbnail

Disc Moves for Sexy Legs

Sculpt and shape your legs with these moves. And, slide. And, slide. And, slide!


How to Foam Roll

I used to never do any recovery work on my body…I think I was like 27 before I had my first massage! I don’t get to a massage therapist as often as I would like, but I this is the next best thing.  Foam rolling! Most people don’t use a foam roller to its full [...]


Kickbacks That Don’t Hurt Your Lower Back

Many of my clients and people I meet at the gym complain of lower back pain after they do their kickbacks.  Is this you?  Do you suffer from low back pain after kickbacks too?! I wanted to show you a way to do kickbacks that will greatly alleviate your lower back pain.  It’s all about [...]


New Equipment Love – Booty Edition

Over the last month or so, I’ve added some new equipment to my glute workouts and am so impressed with the results that I HAD to share them with you! These all cost under $35 and are space efficient. I highly recommend scooping these up at your soonest convenience and enjoying some major #bootygains Is [...]