Badass Inspirational Quotes When You Need That Extra Inspo thumbnail

Badass Inspirational Quotes When You Need That Extra Inspo

These inspirational quotes will leave you feeling like the badass you are!

St Patrick’s Day Workout Playlist thumbnail

St Patrick’s Day Workout Playlist

Get your cute booty movin' and groovin' with this St. Patty's Day inspired Spotify playlist!

Don’t Let PMS Cravings Ruin Your Progress thumbnail

Don’t Let PMS Cravings Ruin Your Progress

Cravings can really mess up your progress 🙅 🙅 🙅 I have some tips to help keep those cravings at bay!

The Fitness Mottos I Live By thumbnail

The Fitness Mottos I Live By

I admit it...I talk to myself! The words you choose to tell yourself has more impact on your life than you think.

The Vitamins I Take thumbnail

The Vitamins I Take

Find out what vitamins to take to get glowing - inside and out!

Should I Workout When I’m Sick thumbnail

Should I Workout When I’m Sick

Ain't nobody got time to be sick!

7 Day SHOW READY Plan – Sign Up!

We’re going NEXT LEVEL in 2017! The new year brings new goals and new dreams, and I am here to help you achieve all of them. My new 7 Day SHOW READY Plan is a slimdown program that has you covered for every meal for the next seven days, plus a workout schedule, and TONS [...]

What I Think About New Year’s Resolutions

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Happy New Year’s to you all!!! Keep reading and find out what I think about this new year tradition…I also share mine below :) You might think that I despise the sound of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions. But, I am really addicted to goals and self-reflection. I [...]

NSL Fitsport Stage Shots

My last show of the 2016 competition season with the Nspire Sports League!  Ended the show with a third place finish at my third pro show. I can't wait to continue to work towards my 2017 season.  Here's to another year, more goals, and more muscle!

What Some of My Clients Are Saying

I know every coach will say this, but I truly have some of the most beautiful clients inside and out!  I am so honored to work with these ladies and help them achieve their goals! Find out what these ladies had to say about working a coach.  Whether you are thinking about competing in a [...]

How Well Have You Been Paying Attention?

I’ve been sharing a lot of tips and tricks, recipes and workouts with you guys! Let’s see how well you have been paying attention. Take the quiz below and comment your answers below this blog post for a chance to receive $100 off one month of custom meals and training plans!!! *Offer will expire on [...]

Tulum BTS – AmandaLouise Swimwear Photoshoot

Last weekend, I had the honor of shooting for AmandaLouise Swimwear’s new swim line in Tulum, Mexico.  It was so much fun! That was my first time to Mexico.  And, if you followed my Instagram Stories, you would have learned that I almost chickened out and didn’t go!  So glad I did though! The house [...]


I had so much fun this past weekend at the Nspire Sports League Formulation One Show in Houston!  I didn’t take very many pictures, but I collected as many as I could to compile this post. Photo credit: Waldyfit, Jackie Gentry, Jim Burgess, Sarah Leblanc

How to Foam Roll

I used to never do any recovery work on my body…I think I was like 27 before I had my first massage! I don’t get to a massage therapist as often as I would like, but I this is the next best thing.  Foam rolling! Most people don’t use a foam roller to its full [...]

Eating Healthy and Family Support

Eating healthy can be challenging enough. So, when you are embarking on a fitness journey on your own without the support or the partaking in of your family, it can make it even more difficult! I’ve been in those shoes, when coworkers, or family members, didn’t get why I was eating healthy or going to [...]